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3cket wallet

No more paper or PDFs. Sell and issue smart digital tickets that do so much more. We call it the 3cket Wallet


Top up your balance, pay later or pay as you go. Scan your QR code, tap your wristband, card or order to pick up


Public event or restricted audience. We have the tools to stream and interact with your audience


3cket is modular. Add modules and customise any event to your needs — no matter the size

We like it live

From music to food. Festivals and concerts. Small or huge.
3cket lets you manage any live event end to end within the same platform.

Sell tickets

Manage invitees and sponsors’ benefits

Accept cashless payments for every vendor

Connect external ticketing sources

Manage accesses

Create real time interactions with your audience

Add contactless wristbands, cards and badges to taste

Get to know your customers like never before

Case study

of the 90s

The most immersive 90s party toured Portugal and took place in over 20 different cities counting more than 150 000 attendees.

The event relied on 3cket to fully manage ticketing, ambassadors, access control, cashless payments for bars and food and also live interactions with the audience.

Focus on content

We do the rest for you, the 3cket Wallet is your app: let the attendees send questions to the stage, know more about the speakers and the programme, rate a panel, vote in polls or take part of quizzes — live and with interactive on stage dashboards.

Selling out? Do not leave anyone behind. Continue selling live streaming tickets, expand your audience and boost your revenue.

Sell tickets and print badges on demand

Manage invitees and sponsors’ benefits

Restrict access to special rooms or charge for it

Control and restrict offered meals and welcome kits

Generate leads to your sponsors

Create real time interactions with your audience

Case study


One of the most prominent data & analytics conferences in Portugal used 3cket for attendee registration, sponsor promo codes, on demand badge printing and access control to the main stage and industry rooms.

3cket was also used for the sponsors' booths lead generation, meal management and after-conference bar credits.

Team gathering?

Getting your team or company together happens for different reasons.

Register or import your attendees

Manage participants

Give and manage offers like meals or freebies

Live stream to remote participants

Create real time interactions with your team

Case study

Back to Future

Teleperformance Portugal relied on 3cket to digitalise their Christmas gathering. Every participant was issued a 3cket Wallet that would be linked to a contactless wristband.

Access control, bar credits and cloakroom were managed with 3cket.

Completely online
or the best of both worlds

Wether completely online or as an extension of your physical event, online events are more than a trend. They are a new reality.

If you are already using 3cket for your physical event, just add live streaming as module with no extra effort and keep everything flowing.

Charge for tickets

Restrict access and contents

Accept payments

Create real time interactions with your audience

Case study

Game Changer

The true game changer. A fully online game show with raffles, games and lots of prizes. Attendees registered to watch live and take part of the games directly on their 3cket Wallet.

Multiple quizes and games and donation campaigns were made possible using 3cket.

Ultimate entertainment experience

From pool clubs to night clubs 3cket gives your clients the ultimate entertainment experience while you get the control you have always wanted

Gather guest list registrations

Sell tickets, VIP packages and table bookings

Give and track digital offers

Track your ambassadors and street team

Reward your sellers based on attendance and clients' spending

Let clients pay their balance on their phone and avoid queues

Case study

Medusis Club

One of the most exclusive day clubs in the Algarve premiered the season using 3cket to fully manage the venue: online bookings and walk in clients were handed a contactless card for bar and food orders.

Mobile ordering from the 3cket Wallet was the most popular option and clients could pay their balance directly on their phone.
The bars and kitchen also relied on 3cket to manage orders and service.

Start selling where
you couldn't before

Mobile ordering for restaurants, rooftops, beach bars and food courts. Let your customers order and pay directly on their phone and pick up orders when they are ready.

Ready to work out of the box

No downloads and easy to use for your customers

Table service, pick up or takeaway

Accept payments and boost your sales

Directly integrate with your printers

Know your customers and their habits

Case study

Sem Espinhas
Natura Beach

This iconic beach club used 3cket to give a totally contactless and digital experience for the hundreds of clients using their facilities during summer time.

The clients could order food and drinks and pay directly on their phone and a waiter would deliver the orders to their place resulting in overall customer satisfaction and staff efficient.


Instant payments

All the payment methods you and your customers are already use.
Ditch cash and enjoy the peace of mind of instant payments.

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Advanced analytics

Now you know your event. Get real-time access, anywhere, to all the data and interactions from your consumers.

Revenue tracking

In-depth sales information

Customer profiling

Stock management

Predictive analytics


Cloud based


Encrypted data and transactions ensuring your event is secure


Setup your event anytime and anywhere and it is ready to go


With a 99% uptime it is guaranteed there is no time for breaks


A service that will grow alongside your business, absolutely no rush

Why 3cket

With 2000+ events deployed, 1M+ digital tickets issued and 1M+ cashless transactions, 3cket is a fast growing company trusted by event promoters and brands

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